Coffee shop engagement

Brampton coffee shop engagement photo session with Shynee and Salvin, at the cozy Bean and Pearl cafe.

This cafe also serves bubble tea and is nestled in a small plaza on the west side of the city. With games and activities available for guests, this cafe provided the perfect location to suit the vision of this session.

Coffee shop and cafe-style photo shoots, where the subject is on the other side of the glass, provide an interesting layer to the photograph. It feels much more natural and adds a layer of authenticity. For a full engagement shoot, posed photos are a must – but these “stolen moments” from the other side of the glass showcase the subjects’ personalities in a much more authentic way.

Shooting through glass has its challenges: glass is reflective! This too adds a layer on top of the photograph that you cannot duplicate in post-processing.

When photographing subjects, direction and cues are necessary; you need you position and pose to achieve the desired result. When on the other side of the glass, the minor positioning and verbal posing cues are lost (unless you do a lot of running back and forth in and out) – Shynee and Salvin were naturals, and comfortable to “be natural” and be themselves.

Being able to deliver on the vision that the couple is looking for is always the goal – but sometimes it is difficult to provide the exact the photographs that are used as inspiration since no location, light, or subjects are the same! In this case, this session worked out perfectly and was exactly as envisioned, similar to another session in Waterloo.